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19 April 2008 @ 09:07 pm

19 April 2008 @ 09:06 pm
So it was Lee Junki's birthday on the 17th. I wish him all the best life has to offer and more success in the future. He's one of my all time favourite actors ever. I love his acting becuase i feel that he really gives every role his all. He prefers to do his own stunts, does his best to get into character (he lost 8 pounds for Iljimae!) and you can feel his character's emotions. Take Time Between Dog and Wolf for example. You can see and feel Soo Hyun/Kay's torment and anguish. That drama was so good and i loved every minute of it. lol im so eczcited for Iljimae :)

a couple of Junki pics

19 April 2008 @ 09:04 pm

19 April 2008 @ 08:59 pm


17 April 2008 @ 08:42 pm

Ep 04
The guys take NY to the hosiptal and the nurse brings NY to another room. When NY comes out she tells them that it was false labour contractions. They get ready to go home but the car doesn't start because the battery is out from SH leaving the lights on the whole time. KH and KT push the car and end up covered with mud =p they have to wear newspaper so that they wont ruin SH's car. KT tells her to call when she is really in labour. It appears that she is past her due date and the doctor suggests her to get a c-section but she refuses.
KT calls to check up on her and the baby and suggests her to stay with them on the 2nd floor becuz its empty. SH doesnt lik the idea becuz its his place.
NY starts going into labour and gets a taxi to take her to the hospital. She didnt want to bother the guys again after last time. The traffic really slows them down and it seems that the driver didnt really care about her situation until NY grabs the driver's hair telling him to hurry. He takes her to a newly opened hospital (not where she told him to go). The doctors and nurses scramble around to get ready. The doctor is pretty nervous and gav himself a shot to calm down.
KH gets the call while he's teaching a girl how to draw and KT gets it while he's catching a criminal and ends up cuffing him to the steering wheel. They get to the hosiptal extremely nervous. lol when NY screams, KT screams and faints. KH tells her to remember her lamaze breathing (lik last time =p) but she chokes him instead causing him to fart. The doctor said that the baby will be rich from the smell of the fart(?)

SH comes, altho he's not the first to arrive as he thought. we hear the baby crying and the doctor asks the father to cut the ambilical cord. KH ends up cutting it. The nurse is holding Ha Seon (the baby) and we hear HS ask who is her father. KH asks who does she look lik and SH says that she looks lik SM and for KH to be careful of what he says (since NY doesnt know about the sperm donation). KH also asks who they think HS's father is and they all claim that she looks lik them. NY is confused about why they say HS looks lik them.
As they put wallpaper in HS's room, SH says that NY should get remarried. KH agrees but KT is kinda annoyed with it. They find a box of letters that NY has wrote to SM all this time as tho he was still alive :(
NY leaves the hospital with HS and shows her a pic of SM. Sh calls and tells her that KH is going to use his car to bring her home as he has urgent business to attend to. KT is at a stakeout where the criminal is fishing but calls her too. When KH arrives he asks her why didnt she wait at the hospital and to call SH telling him that KH actually brought her home.
HS keeps NY awake at night. She tries to sing to HS. KT brought over a fish and sees that NY has dark circles under her eyes. The criminal he was supposed to catch had caught the fish and when KT saw that the fish was good for those after giving birth he jumped out to catch the fish instead. He drops the fish on the table and not the sink, spilling all the water and having to get the fish once again.
There is something physically wrong with NY's breasts (she says that its just fatigue) but the guys research on it and it says that they should massage them. lol they wonder how they're gonna do that! =p
KH and KT talk to their mothers about it. KT explained that it was about SM's wife after his mom dragged him by the ear. KT's mom ends up doing the massaging. KH's mom gets HS to stop crying and says that HS ooks lik KH when he was a baby and wonders when he'll give her a grandson lik HS. KT says that HS is a girl and not a boy =p
NY's dad shows up and mentions about money. The moms met up with her dad and it seems lik KH's mom and NY's dad feel something about each other. KT's mom drags KH's mom out of the house. People looking for Ny's dad come but he escapes in time. The peeople show NY some paperwork that SM signed for her dad.

JM (the lady from before) meets NY and tells her that they need her because they're short one person. NY blackmails KH into looking after HS for a few hours (with the truth that she took the taxi home and not from KH giving her a ride). JM tells NY to not let others know that she has a baby or else she'll lose her job. NY has to lie during the interview about her marital status. 

....im still having trouble with using the LJ cut >.<;;

17 April 2008 @ 08:40 pm

I haven't been to school for the past couple of days because of some family matters and now there's so much work to make up.
=.=;; yay.....let's hope tomorrow won't be so bad...

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10 April 2008 @ 07:04 pm
 Brief summaries for episode 1-3 of Three Dads One Mom. It's such a fun series to watch :)

NY(Eugene)'s child is narrating at the beginning and says that the lady is her mom but is kissing someone who is not her dad. her possible dads are the three main leads who are very close friends. Kyeong Tae and Kwang Hee live together and Soo Hyeon comes over to use their water b/c he didnt want to go buy some =p in short he's a stingy person.
after we are introduced into the lives of the friends there is a scene where NY and SM hav a dispute about getting pregnant. SM cannot conceive but he truly loves Ny so he asks his friends to be sperm donors =p when they find out that they have been tricked into donating their sperm they hav hilarious nightmares. KT fears of having a criminal son, SH fears of having to pay for child support, and KH fears that the child(children) will ruin his player image. meanwhile NY has a conception dream where she throws the apple to SM but the friends keep getting in the way showing that they are the potential dads and not SM.

In the opening scene NY and SM find out that NY is pregnant. SM is extrememly happy even though he knows that the child is not his. He treats NY with extreme care and she becomes the spoiled wife. His friends are also happy for the couple when they learn of thier news. NY gets her revenge against them for always staying over by having them run around buying food etc.
When they were eating together KT didnt mind sharing food with NY as he really likes to eat (he even offered to babysit everyday for her when she offered him food) but the other two were disgusted with eating chicken feet, pig`s feet, sausage etc together. The scene with KT in the police office was funny too :) He really is a childish person because when everyone ordered the meal he usually did he decided to order something else saying that what they were ordering is too expensive anyways.
Before SM left to go on his `trip` he told his friends to look after NY. NY and SH`s fight was pretty cute. Instead of thanking them for taking the time (and money) to make her the pear and honey drink she only said that it was too sweet. lol in the end she won the arguement becuz she said that she was going to tell SM. It was funny how SH was thinking about whether or not to buy the more expensive or cheaper pear =p What NY didn`t know was that SM was actually going to bail out NY`s good for nothing father. Her father had left her mom a long time ago even before NY was born. Therefore NY grew up with her grandmother. She really wants to hav children to give them what she never had during her own childhood. Her father didnt even want to know how NY was doing.
Thinking about NY at home pregnant SM hurried to get home but was caught in an accident and died :( The funeral scene was very sad. NY lost her husband and the guys lost their close friend. Before he died tho he left a video message for his friends to take care of NY and so on. Now the only thing keeping KT, KH and SH bonded with NY is the baby.

The episode continues with the 3 friends cursing SM after finding out the truth about the sperm donation. KT and KH are reluctant to tell NY but SH argues that they should. SH even suggested abortion? You know how sitngy he is so he was thinking about the costs and everything.
However when they arrive at NY's house they see her grieving over SM and crying about how the baby is his last gift to her. The guys didn't have the heart to tell her the truth and decided to leave her alone. NY seems to know that SM may not have left for a business trip as he had told her and is suspicious. She does start looking for a job tho. The lady that got her a seat during an interview was the same one that she met at the bus stop. KT who bought a cheap motorcycle saw NY passing by but did not stop to greet her. NY was practicing for her job and trying to make her belly less noticeable. Meanwhile, SH followed the boss's daughter and overheard about her gallery. He asked KH to teach him about art. lol it was funny how he said that the washing bucket was beautiful with the boss's daughter looking =p
NY, who is very tired and annoyed with the smoker, went to a house and tried to sell the product but wasnt successful. NY began to feel pain and fainted while the lady she had met earlier was there. That lady (J sumthing) thought that SH was NY's husband and scolded him. The guys were very worried about her and when she woke up SH was the one who got really worked up and scolded her for not considering the baby (so cute =p). While NY was resting there (she had to stay for ahwile) KH went to check up on her and saw that she was sleeping. Outside, KT gave SH an ultrasound vid of the baby and they were amazed. KH said that he wanted to be an uncle. The three began plans on how to take care of NY and her baby (aww so cute!) KH even calls his mother about good foods for pregnant women. lol she thought that she was finally gonna get granchildren so he hung up on her. So when he was on the subway, he met a pregnant lady and lent her his seat. He asked her the question about food and an old lady helped too. KT 's mom came to visit him with fruits and the lady police officer called her, mother. SH was feeding NY pear at the hospital :) and when the 3 went to her house they found SM's recorder with his songs for the baby. They decided to throw a party for NY and even completed the wooden horse Sm built. NY was very touched. SH went to lamaze class with NY and even bought the fake preggo vest. lol people called them husband and wife. He even got KH and KT to join ^^ lol the two ended up getting hurt from the sessions tho.
At the police station KT got a call for food from NY and rushed out in such a serious manner that the other officers followed as back up =p While all of them were eating, the baby kicked. NY got KT to feel it (he got excited) and KH wanted to too. SH tried to pretend that it didnt matter but KT took SH's hands for him to feel too. The baby began narrating and was so unsure of which hand was the father that the kicking become stronger. NY couldnt sleep becuz she was in so much pain and called for the 3. They rushed her to the hospital and tried to get her to remember the classes but she just wanted them to be quiet. They got to the hospital (after SH started speeding lik crazy when the other 3 began to scream for him to hurry =p) and the guys carried NY in.

Joo Sang Wook will be appearing in ep4 onwards :D yay
im kinda conflicted between him and Jo Hyun Jae. i hope SH begans to change from his money hungry personality soon tho.
02 April 2008 @ 10:11 pm
The first episode just aired today and let me say that this drama is hilarious! Although it won't be light hearted every episode the friendship between the 4 main guys is really cute and funny to watch.

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02 April 2008 @ 01:42 pm

Some pictures I found for Hana Kimi SP (Japan version) :) gyaaa i'm so excited!! Especially for our trio XD

gyaa what happened to sano's hair? lol

Kayashima/Yusuke aka Ghost Boy with Nakao  :)

and Junpei

credits: daddicts.com

31 March 2008 @ 04:13 pm
Ok. So the concert is postponed for sure (lol i noticed that i spelled postponed wrong before) but I still don't know the new date. This is very unfair for a lot of fans flying in and spending a lot of money on tickets and room bookings. I'm more disappointed then anything. I hate how much trouble I'm being to my parents; with them having to cancel the airline flights and the rooms at the inn :S What a bad experience for my very first concert. Yes, I've never really bothered going to other concerts before.

Seriously I wish the company handling this was more organized so that this wouldn't happening. What a headache.
But what's funny is how a lot of people were getting and still are scared that this is actually a scam. i mean there's no guarantee that the new date won't change or artists like Minwoo might not be there. If he isn't I'll seriously freak out, especially since the tickets are nonrefundable. Ok, well if that turns out to be true it isn't funny at all but it just reminded me of Kurosagi.

lol where are you when I need you Kurosagi? I'm sure you'd be able to swindle back our money.